NLP really works!!

“.... my objective is to overcome my fear .... Since the therapy I am really confident .... I have made excellent progress and amazed my friends and family. Kingsley made me feel really at ease during the therapy. I would thoroughly recommend him to my friends and family”    -    C.L. Norwich  -  Retired Cleaner


“....how wonderful Kingsley has made me feel about myself .... now I believe .... and am very confident .... in what I do. I was having problems .... with his help in making me believe I can do it .... I was able to pass my exam and was not nervous at all, a big thank you to him for this”   -  N.C. Dereham  -  Practice Nurse


Kingsley’s open approach puts you at your ease and the NPL techniques he uses are straight forward and easy to understand.  It’s an empowering experience and you notice a difference even after one session.   L.P. Norwich.  -  NHS Manager


I am a postgraduate student, and over the past year I have realised that it is not quite enough to put in the hours with the books and the research … almost as important is the ability to connect with people ... This was an enormous problem for me though, because I tend to be painfully shy and awkward around people I don’t know … I have a tendency to holding my breath, painfully waiting for the social occasion to finish ... it could seriously limit my opportunities in academia.


Shortly before my first conference, I met with Kingsley for a NLP session.  The day after the session, without even giving it much thought, I struck up a conversation ...  A week later, I started a conversation ... And last week, I approached the world-renowned leader of the conference and engaged in a good five minutes of one-to-one small talk … and not once did I feel the crippling panic rising that I have struggled with for the past 15 years.  I am so excited about the possibilities this has opened up ... I am finally able to just be myself around people in these situations.  What can I say, apart from THANK YOU Kingsley!  -  L.G. Norwich.  -  Language Post Doc


Thought I'd update you on how my exams went this week since our sessions.

You've helped me so much, I felt so much better in my exams since seeing you. The anchor has helped no end as well. I feel so much more confident when walking into my exams. Thank you so much!!! - E.S. Norwich.  -  GCSE School Student


What  with  Kingsley’s warm welcome ‘twas  the first hurdle with. Sometimes in life we all find ourselves travelling along a beaten track that was not of our making. Decisions were made for us, we accept the way it is, for the rules have been set. But you know in your heart of hearts you are unhappy and wish for change as the track becomes a path full of ruts overgrown with stinging nettles. This was the situation I had found myself in until I visited Kingsley. Kingsley worked upon my self-belief with a positive outcome. I am now of the mindset rules are to be challenged, for without challenge how do I expect change. And yes Kingsley, you were correct - I do have a choice! Sending a nod and a wink your way  - pastures new and all that.  K.G. Norwich. - Single Parent.


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